Do you own a retail business?  Or are you an organizer for a large group or club?


Custom Jewelry Pieces


Acclaim Company can make custom logo or text-based jewelry for you using:

  1. Sterling Silver
  2. Other precious or non-precious metal alloys



Why create a custom piece?

  1. Promote your business or club
  2. Identify ranks or titles in your company
  3. Build a line of jewelry for your retail business
  4. Become a jewelry designer and retail your own pieces that we make for you.



 What is the process for creating a custom piece?

  1. You work with our Production Manager
  2. You can provide digital artwork (letters in a desired font, or a graphic), to expedite your order
  3. We format your digital art and prepare it for fabrication
  4. A model will be made
  5. We will send you a photo of the model for approval
  6. We will prepare your approved model for production
  7. We will produce your order
  8. We will manufacture your pieces for you, and only for you.



How do you get started?

  1. Click the contact link in the header of our webpage
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Our production manager will contact you to discuss your project and pricing